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The Child Youth and Family Services Coalition of Simcoe County supports member professional development.

Lecture Series 2022

County of Simcoe Workforce Strategy Professional Learning Funding Initiative is pleased to partner with Sickkids and Infant and Early Mental Health Promotion team to offer an incredible and FREE Professional Development Opportunity for Educators and Practitioners working Simcoe County’s Early Years System!


This year, the Infant and Early Mental Health Promotion (IEMHP) organization at The Hospital for Sick Children has partnered with the World Association of Infant Mental Health (WAIMH) and Tampere University to develop and offer a unique lecture series on infant and early mental health. This series will offer practitioners around the world the opportunity to hear directly from some of the pioneers and experts of infant and early mental health research and practice. The web-based series will provide insight into the foundational science of infant and early mental health, the importance of promotion and prevention policies and strategies, evidence-based interventions, and treatment approaches.



  • Includes 15 recorded lectures (each approximately 90 minutes to two hours in length) and access to additional resources provided by presenters. Please note new lectures will be uploaded as they are recorded. All 15 Sessions will be available by September 2022.  Learners will be receiving an email announcement when a new lecture is uploaded.  Learners may choose to complete the Lecture Series as Sessions become available (First lecture will be available on February 22, 2022) or after all 15 Sessions have been uploaded.
  • Learners will be eligible for the Certificate of Completion after successfully viewing all 15 lectures and completing the associated feedback surveys
  • Learners will have access to 13 Bonus lectures from the 2020/21 Lecture Series (an additional 26 hours of content)
  • Access to all lectures ends September 2024


For more information and instructions on how to register, please review the Overview Flyer and then select the attached registration document that is relevant to your area of work:

Note that the content for each group is the very same – you are asked to select your registration package based on area of work to assist with tracking data on participation. 

Licensed Centre-Based Child Care

LS2022 Registration Package_Simcoe Licensed Child Care

Licensed Home Child Care

LS2002 Registration Package_Simcoe Licensed Home Child Care


LS2002 Registration Package_Simcoe EarlyON ON Y VA

Special Needs Resourcing

LS2002 Simcoe County Special Needs Resourcing

Therapy Services, Other System Partners

LS2002 Registration Package_Simcoe Other

Professional Development Fund (ON HOLD)

Please read our Professional Development Fund guidelines. You are encouraged to apply six weeks before your training, using our Professional Development Fund Application Form.

Contact our Coordinator if you have any questions.

Leadership Program (ON HOLD)

Not-For-Profit Leadership Institute

The YMCA of Simcoe Muskoka (YMCA) has partnered with Lakehead University to deliver a Not-For-Profit Professional Development Certificate Program, a series of training events for not-for-profit leaders. The YMCA has also partnered with the Trillium Foundation on this project and is looking to secure other strategic partners to ensure that the program is sustainable and meets the needs of the not-for-profit community. The Coalition has partnered with the YMCA on this leadership program initiative and its membership in an effort to meet the Coalition’s mission to maximize the capacity, effectiveness and cultural uniqueness of the child, youth and family service system through collective efforts. 

For details on the Not-For-Profit Professional Development Certificate Program, and to register, visit the YMCA website.

A new fast track option is now available for interested individuals. Eligible candidates can obtain direct entry to Level Two of the program. There is an application process for this option and criteria to meet to be considered. Qualifying candidates may fast track at a reduced rate. The fast track includes review of Level One material, Strengthsquest and a one-on-one consultation along with some pre-work assignments.

Registration for Level 1, 2 and 3 Trainings.

Level 1 Training

Level 2 Training

Level 3 Training

Contact: [email protected]

Location: YMCA Geneva Park, 6604 Rama Road Orillia, ON

 Lakehead University Campus, 500 University Avenue, Orillia ON

Program Cost: Level 1 & 2 are $895+HST each. Level 3 is $925+HST. (includes program, accommodation, meals and related materials)

Level 1 Fast Track for direct entry to level two of the program: $350+HST, plus the cost of Level 2 ($895+HST). Click on the link for more details and to apply.

For YMCA Lakehead Leadership Program Subsidy information, please click below.  Contact our Coordinator if you have any questions.

June 2024