Statement Anti-Indigenous People Racism

Racism and intolerance of Indigenous people continue to exist within Simcoe County, Canada and around the world.

We, the Child, Youth and Family Services Coalition (Coalition) of Simcoe County, acknowledge that we all have a part to play in addressing this societal issue, and in standing up against racism, hate and oppression of all kinds.

The Coalition is a countywide alliance of organizations providing services to children, youth and their families in Simcoe County. Our mission is to maximize the capacity, effectiveness and cultural uniqueness of the child, youth and family services system through collective efforts.

Key directions within our strategic plan are to advocate for service system change, and to foster representation and equity. In order to better serve the children, youth and families within our communities, we commit to educating ourselves, to continuing to learn about the issues and inequities facing Indigenous people, and to proactively advocate for racial justice for Indigenous people as well as other communities facing discrimination.

Our goal is to work together to provide a better world for those we serve today, and for the children, youth and families of generations to come.

Every human being has the right to live with equality, dignity, and respect.